Changing Frames: Palestinian Lives Matter

Like it or not, President Joe Biden and the Democratic Party elite are being drawn into a long-overdue debate over US support for Israel. Palestinian Lives Matter. The ground is shifting in Washington in ways that can’t be categorized neatly into either “domestic” or “foreign” policy issues.

Beirut: “Takes a Licking, but Keeps on Ticking” (Like a Bomb)

I asked my brother-in-law “What does ‘Beirut’ mean?” He had just finished telling me about Beirut’s repeated phoenix-like rise from fires, calamities, and even an earthquake that had destroyed a Roman law school here in the year 551. He smiled and said “Beirut means ‘takes a licking but keeps on ticking’!”

Lockdown Haikus

With my weekly column on indefinite hold, why not use this blog for other types of writing–poetry, recipes, reflections, humor, and of course the occasional political rant? With no further ado, I give you lockdown haikus, illustrated with photos from my Instagram account.


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