Nearly two years ago, I launched this blog as a place to share the English language versions of my weekly column, “Letters from America,” published by Al-Modon newspaper in Beirut. Lebanon’s financial distress finally reached me here in Washington, DC in early May, when I was laid off from my gig as a columnist. To be honest, it was increasingly grueling to write a weekly column about the nightmarish dysfunction of these United States in the era of Trump. And now, in the time of the Coronavirus, diving deep into American politics can take a toll on one’s mental health. So, why not use this blog for other types of writing—poetry, recipes, reflections, humor, and of course the occasional political rant? Without further ado, I give you lockdown haikus, illustrated with photos from my Instagram account:


How many days now?

Circling blackbirds sing

Our garden keeps time







Days like gentle waves

Carry us farther from shore

Vague horizons loom


Shifting light on walls

My bedroom now my office

Solar clock precise





Clean air smells so good

Trucks and airplanes gone for good?

This isn’t so bad




Spices share secrets

Steamy kitchen windows glow

Bread dough rising fast


My dead come in dreams

Acting like nothing has changed

Shades in the sunlight





Tolls growing on charts

Graveside tears never to fall

Sorrows unnumbered



People without masks

Closed doors no longer trap us

Clicking locks bring peace





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