Three-Dimensional Chess: Iranian Challenges to Biden’s Middle East Policy

Whether Iran attains enhanced nuclear capability or not, the Islamic Republic already has a prominent and growing role in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, and Lebanon. And it is in Lebanon that a variety of troubling regional fault lines now intersect just as the fractured Lebanese political system is on the brink of total collapse.

Biden’s Foggy Foreign Policy

The attrition of the United States’ global hegemony is well underway, and with numerous and serious challenges at home—not least of which is a deeply divided populace roiling with White supremacist ideologies and domestic terrorists in the midst of a brutal pandemic—Biden cannot afford to take his eye off the domestic policy front, even as he and his administration struggle to cobble together a coherent foreign policy agenda.

Palestine Will Not Be Free–Until It’s Safe for the Democratic Party to Take a Principled Stand

It is still far too early for celebrations or announcements that “Palestine will soon be free” as a result of changed U.S. policy. So much hinges on circumstances that are still in flux in the interconnected realms of U.S. policymaking, electoral politics, and media coverage.


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